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About Upward Living

In America's greatest gateway sanctuary city, Upward Living Associates, Inc. creates an unparalleled portfolio of satirical, speculative, urban, mixed-use properties. Attracting investors and high income wage earners from around the world with the perfect balance of growth commodity, location and amenities, Upward Living properties immerse residents in a critique of luxury housing.

City of Boston Policy Recommendation

Upward Living has developed a policy analysis and recommendation for City of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and the City Council:

  1. Increase Development of Public Housing
  2. Increase Inclusionary Development Policy (IDP) Requirements to 36%
  3. Replace AMI with a “Real Median Income” for Local Policy
  4. Boston Residents Jobs Policy (BRJP) Requirement Enforcement
  5. Reform Zoning Board of Appeals
  6. Restrict Campaign Contributions to Boston City Officials
  7. Implement Rent Control
  8. Implement a Just Cause Eviction Ordinance
  9. Implement Tax Programs
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Inventing The Urbanism

Upward Living is redefining the very definition of the American luxury developer. Not content to join others in developing the location of the moment, we uncover new terrain where energy is percolating beneath the surface, and design absurd structures to transform entire neighborhoods from the ground up.

A History of Visionary Luxury Living

Upward Living has developed two magnificent invesment properties, Luxury Waters a 62 story triple decker in Boston's Fort Point Channel, and The Headstone a 66 story headstone.